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Pursuit of Womanhood Debrief

On Sept 15, Jamaal and I officially unveiled "A Coming of Age," our dual exhibit for Babson College.

After months of painting and weeks of shipping painting, I had finally arrived on campus. It was so surreal. In the final days before the exhibit i flew up to Boston to set everything up and do the final touches. I flew in around 1 am on Tuesday night and hit the campus on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday from 10 am to 10 pm and Thursday from 8 pm to 2 am. Putting up the 25 painting exhibit laced with magazine clippings, newspaper cutouts, stickers and scrabble tiles was so much easier thanks to Danielle Krcmar. She helped me think through the placement of each painting and revisit concepts for the text portion of the exhibit.

On Friday, my parents and sister came to campus with me and hung out from noon until the show' s unofficial ending around 8 pm. I was so nervous but having them there helped so much.

My heart pounded in the final moments before the artist talk as the first guests arrived. As the gallery filled up with both familiar faces and strangers, I couldn't help but smile. This was my first major exhibition and the love, encouragement and appreciation was palpable. Thankful to my art partner in crime, Babson College and it's amazing students, faculty and staff and to my tribe for their belief in us.

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