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As the dust settles

Last month, I survived the biggest challenge of my life - a grant. A city grant that brought together my wildest dreams and vision to host three events in a month that all hinged on each other's success. It was like walking a tightrope. And while I dare not put myself through anything near the same stress level again, I am happy with the results. 24 people created their own masks. 14 created their own portraits. And about 40 came out to see the final result. I worked with assistants, a graphic designer, a lighting company, a rental company, a DJ and amazing community partners to pull it off.

Sometimes, I felt like the world was against me. The space I secured was double-booked for both workshops. But by God's grace, we worked through it. One space connected me with the other event so we could figure out how to share the space and guests. The other, thanks to Dad's insistence behind the scenes, worked out a way for me to use the space exclusively.

The exhibit was another animal altogether. So many different pieces. There was the exhibit itself and the work that needed to be hung and the labels that required sticking. Then there were the novelties. The details, atmosphere, snacks and awards. The morning after my exhibit, as I unearthed a deep gutteral sigh, we had a family emergency to attend to and had to shift gears again.

Yet again, God proved undefeated.

This week, we stand victorious. I'm almost ready to start dreaming of my next project. Almost. For now, I'm recovering, looking back and smiling on how much one woman with one dream with alot of help can accomplish.

See the whole journey visually captured here:

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