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When I first saw the 24 x 24 inch blank canvas on my porch from Color Me Empowered two weeks ago, I had a million ideas. Fairytales. Biblical stories. And stories of own. The theme for tonight's fundraiser is 100 Stories to Tell.

I started by looking for classic fairy tales. I saw the clearance sale for Half Price Books was happening in Dallas and went by to peruse their inventory. I left lugging a box full of children's books.

Initially I hoped I could literally cut and paste words from the tales into my painting. But I couldn't bear it. The books were too pretty.

Instead I used them as reference and inspiration. A couple of the pop-up books served as great references for the left side of the painting.

More references follow. See the final piece live this evening at the fundraiser. It's on sale for $400. Message me for VIP Tickets. Limited availability.

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