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Creatively Coping

Since March, I've created over 20 paintings. Insane. Especially for me. But in times of uncertainty, fear and frustration, art has been my safe space. That's not to say there aren't times painting is the last time I want to do.


There are days and even weeks when I couldn't summon the energy to even pick up a paintbrush.

Despite this craziness, I've been blessed. I'm booked through the end of the year and am no longer accepting projects or commissions until 2021. That's never happened. The movement to amplify Black voices and creatives led directly to me getting two commissions from complete strangers online either through social media or my website.

I currently have work on display at 500X Gallery.

I'll work on display next month at Boston's Beacon Gallery thank to the vision of my good friend Jamaal Eversley. And me and my dad's exhibit has been pushed back a bit but will be revealed virtually perhaps toward the end of the year.

I also am working on designing a book cover and children's book and completing my portrait series for Hair Story. Whew. I'm squeezing in fun studies and sketching to help me remain engaged and fresh.

What's your creative coping story?

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