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Quarantine Creations

I hope you all are well. I'm doing pretty good. I keep my spirit up by binging on gospel. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work from home for my 9 to 5 and to have a space to shelter-in-place in.

I'm also really grateful to have art as a therapeutic outlet. It's been a great way to channel my anxieties. And has been a welcome reprieve. I had so many ideas and projects brewing before this virus. But lacked the discipline needed to sit down and make myself focus for the marathon needed to make them all a reality. Now, I'm forced to conquer any creative blocks. I do a daily sketch prompt courtesy of the Brooklyn Art Library and have made significant progress on a couple of pieces slated for a September show.

Sneak peeks below.

What are you doing to stay mentally and physically healthy during quarantine? What projects have you taken on to help pass the time?

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