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I'm thankful. Rested. Reset. And ready to work. Thanks to divine providence I had a couple more days off than I planned and I needed every moment.

Thankful for my time in my first residency and first time abroad in a while.

France was kind to me. Its people. Its language. Its streets and monuments. All welcomed me.

I created 9 pieces in 2 weeks in a Chateau in Central France. Had a beautiful scenic view of the land, Its ponds, greenery, a pair of swans, sunrises and sunsets dotted by fog and mist.

It was the best money I ever spent. I listened to the urging of my art friend Demarcus and applied. I asked my supervisor for the time off once I found out I was accepted in July. And then I figured out how to make my money stretch to pay for it. It was definitely a faith moment. I prayed in silence for days before saying yes. Had a couple of intercessors call me with encouragement. And then I was off. On a plane on mid-October and returned early November pleased, thrilled and proud of myself.

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