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The Sound of Music


violin is the most challenging, frustrating, amazing canvas imaginable. When first tasked with painting one several months ago, I had no idea where to begin. How do you paint over shiny vanish? (Sand and prime it, silly, the Internet offered).

How do you decide on a design? Here Google was a little less certain. The best piece of advice I found said to incorporate the violin's unique curves and body into the artwork instead of seeing it as any other square canvas. I decided to use an old picture of Julie Andrews I adored: Yes, her billowing gown could capture the instrument's contours.

But what about the back? I yearned to pay homage to ballerinas. I painted a ballerina last year that turned out well. But featuring just one on the violin seemed odd and asymmetrical. I scan my database and found an image of several ballerinas in a semicircle poised on stage. Eureka. Lol.

Viewing the instrument with new eyes under the light of Dallas City Performance Hall was beyond cool. I posed with it and giggled as complete strangers did the same.

It was the best feeling in the world. This Sunday marks the last Basically Beethoven Festival at Dallas City Performance Hall. The concerts are free of charge from 2:30 to 4ish. My violin along with three other cool ones are on display for a silent auction that raises money for The Fine Arts Chamber Players. Visit for more details.

Cheeeese! I was so excited.

Proud Momma in the background.

My namecard. Eeeeek!

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