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Commissionable Me!

I'll be honest. As much as I love creating and depicting my own vision on canvas, much more of my projects have been commissions. Someone will send me a picture of his or herself or their loved one or their icon and ask if I can paint it. My answer: Absolutely! And it's true. I can. I have been blessed with the ability to get pretty close likeness to reality on canvas.

Until now. Now I'm working on my first full body commission piece and it's been a stretch project to say the least. I'm trying to capture this beauty's face, body and surrounding background. Right now I'm fighting with proportions: Head too big, body too small. I refuse to give any client a piece I'm not completely happy with. So for now, I'm working a little daily. Bit by bit. Looking at the bigger picture. I'll be sure to post the final.

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