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Art for All

Back when I was a ugrad student at Babson, I loved my time in the ceramics studio. It wasn't a popular place on campus, so I could disappear for $5 an hour into a world surrounded by jazz and clay. When I moved back to Dallas after graduating in 2010, the techniques I toyed with back in the studio came with me and grew into the distinctive style of post-impressionist painting I embrace today. I long to offer people of all ages and walks of life the peace, therapy and confidence I found in painting. So at least once a quarter, I've committed to offering a free or heavily subsidized art opportunity in inner-city Dallas. I want people to be able to just come, escape and create. My first paint party was back in May. Around 10 to 15 total showed up, which turned out to be the perfect amount and they seemed to love it.

On October 1, I'm hosting my second paint party--shooting for around 30 people to come out to paint pumpkins in honor of fall. So excited! I'm in the process of partnering with the City of Dallas which makes this opportunity even more amazing. Details are below. I'll post pictures from the event on the website, I promise. See you there!

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